Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flapper Dresses

Hey everyone! My apologies for the long wait, (that is, if any of you were waiting ;) ) I have been extrreeemmmeeellyyy busy these past few days, plus I was drawing a total blank on what vintage topic to blog about. But never fear! The most brilliant idea of FLAPPER DRESSES came to my mind (thank you pinterest!) and the day was saved. Now, moving on to today's topic...

Flapper dresses. Remember those? If not, look up the Roaring Twenties, and even the very early thirties. Back then, women wanted to look more boyish and masculine. Gone were the corsets, long hair, and figure-flattering dresses, and in came the short hairstyles, the "barely-there" bra, and the well-known flapper dresses, which have low waistlines and shorter skirts. In the 20's, it was the trend to wear a shapeless dress that did nothing to flatter your feminine figure. WHO KNEW? However, flapper dresses are starting to come back, but with a more stylish flair. I have some websites for shopping for flapper dresses posted below. And don't forget to COMMENT! I need to hear from YOU what YOU want to see on this blog! Happy shopping!
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